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Decades of expertise is at your service with Double LL Farms. We have the facilities to provide you exactly what your horses need. 


Complete, year round, and personal care for your mares and foals. Double LL Farms has two labs that allow for efficient and immediate breeding. We collect, AI, and ET on-site. Double LL Farms has two farm crews, and personnel on duty 24/7, 365 days a year. Your mare will receive personal attention, the highest quality diet, all necessary maintenance and vaccines, along with precise and detailed record keeping. We also have an impressive herd of young, healthy, and fertile recipient mares at your service.


All foals are born within a heated barn, under the constant and careful observation of our experienced foaling crew, including a veterinary technician and one of our two veterinarians. Your mare and her foal will be secure and made as comfortable as possible during this delicate time. Double LL Farms treats every mare and foal like priceless champions, because to both us and our clients, they are.

Sale Prep

Double LL Farms is New Mexico's leader in preparing colts for prestigious sales such as the NM Bred and Select Sales held in beautiful Ruidoso, New Mexico. Double LL Farms can prepare your prospects for any sale you wish. Double LL Farms is a leader because we have a track record of quality and integrity and we are proud of this. Our prospects and the prices they command year after year speak for themselves.


We don't just breed and sell champions, we also own and race them ourselves. If you need a lay-up convenient to the lucrative New Mexico racetracks and both I-25 and I-40, Double LL Farms is your facility.